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Install Finch’s browser extension for science-backed ratings based on environmental impacts and real reviews. Make shopping on Amazon* more sustainable.

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People love Finch

I love this extension! I have always wanted to buy more sustainable products, but it's so difficult as the consumer to figure out what's harmful and what's not. The interface is simple and beautiful, and I love that the ratings are all scientifically backed!

Darragh B

OF COURSE I want to shop as responsibly and sustainably as possible. The question was always: where the #^@& do I even begin? The Finch extension is the answer.

Carina K

This extension makes it easier for me to make choices that are aligned with keeping our planet healthy for the future. It is simple and easy to use across basic household categories.

Kathryn A

LOVE this extension! I feel so guilty buying home and baby products on Amazon because of the environmental impact. Finch does all the hard work and research for me to find the best environmentally friendly options.

Heather W

Love this! Just downloaded and used it while re-upping a bunch of my cleaning supplies on Amazon and found it so helpful. So intuitive and easy to use — can't wait for it to cover more and more products :)

Emma O

Incredible tool to figure out sustainability in products!

Ricardo B

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How does it work?

  1. Add Finch to your Chrome browser
  2. Shop like normal on Amazon
  3. See sustainability ratings on the 250,000 products we’ve rated
  4. Get curated product recommendations for simple swaps

Frequently asked questions

  • We score products based on six environmental footprints and real reviews. Learn more here.

  • Finch is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to live more sustainably. Whether you’re a zero waste warrior or just can’t seem to kick your plastic water bottle habit, Finch helps you make more sustainable swaps that work for you. 

  • You don’t need to be a perfect environmentalist to be more sustainable. Finch helps you find the stuff that’s better for the planet and the stuff that doesn’t suck, all in one place. 

Help the environment by shopping more sustainably

How we score products

We score products on a scale of 1-10, based on six environmental footprints and real reviews. Our algorithm analyzes data from 250+ sources.

  • Climate


    The carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are directly or indirectly released into the atmosphere by a product when it is made or used.

  • Water


    The amount of water that is used to make and use a product, and the vulnerability of the watershed that the water is pulled from. 

  • Human Well Being

    Human Well-Being

    The level of toxicity of a product, including if it is detrimental to you and your family's health and/or to the workers who make it. This also accounts for the treatment of workers along the supply chain and their working conditions.

  • Ecosystem


    The impact a product has on biodiversity, including the extent to which it harms or benefits local ecosystems and the natural habitats that plants and animals rely on.

  • Waste


    The waste created by a product and its packaging, which is the result of how it is manufactured, how long a product lasts and how likely it is to be reused, recycled, or landfilled.

  • Raw Materials

    Raw Materials

    The materials that are used to make a product, which accounts for how rare they are, whether they are renewable, how difficult they are to source, and how environmentally damaging it is to collect them.

  • Real Reviews

    Real Reviews

    The functionality, quality, and practicality of a product based on aggregated, anonymized reviews scraped from Amazon. What's the point of a product that's better for the planet if it doesn't work well?

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