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We’ll do the heavy lifting and sustainability science so you can pass on those actionable insights to your audience.

About Finch

Finch educates people on the ins and outs of sustainability by decoding products' environmental and social impacts and turning those complex scientific facts into simple, actionable insights. Our proprietary rating system pinpoints the stuff you’re actually going to use, the stuff that doesn’t suck, and the stuff that’s better for the world around us, all in one place. We believe that understanding the science of sustainability gives control back to you as a citizen, not just as a consumer.

About Publisher Partnerships

In order to introduce Finch into the world, we’re partnering with select publishers on ratings and service pieces. We’ll do the heavy lifting and sustainability science so you can pass on those actionable insights to your audience.

Meet the Experts

Lizzie Horvitz

Lizzie Horvitz, Founder & CEO

Lizzie Horvitz is founder and CEO of Finch, a digital sustainability tool and browser extension that shares products’ environmental and social impacts with functional reviews from real people. She has been passionate about sustainability since the age of 16 when she lived off the grid. It was there that, depending only on wind energy and rainwater, Lizzie saw the solution of climate change before fully understanding the problem. Before Finch, she worked in supply chain and sustainability at Unilever and then became Chief Operating Officer at Muuse, a startup that aims to mitigate single-use plastics in the to-go industry. Lizzie is on the Global Leadership Council at the Natural Resources Defense Council and was named Greenbiz’s 30 Under 30. She holds both an MBA and Master of Environmental Management from Yale University, as well as a BA from Middlebury College.

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Chris Beltz, PhD, Senior Sustainability Scientist

Chris Beltz, PhD, is the Senior Sustainability Scientist at Finch. He is an environmental scientist and ecosystem ecologist whose research has focused on understanding the carbon cycle within dryland systems. Prior to Finch, Chris worked as a Database Specialist at the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies, and during his doctoral studies he took a fellowship at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Chris is on the Early Career Committee for the American Geophysical Union Biogeosciences Section and also serves as an instructor for The Carpentries, teaching data and scientific programming in support of reproducibility and open science. He holds a PhD from Yale University, a MS from Antioch University New England, and a BA from Trinity College.