What is the EPA Safer Choice Certification?

Epa Safer Choice Certification

How Do You Define ‘EPA Safer Choice’?

An EPA Safer Choice label indicates that the chemicals in a product have been reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency to meet strict safety criteria for both human and environmental health. The Safer Choice label indicates that a product is safer for you, your family, your pets, workers’ health, fish, and the environment. The EPA also tests the quality of these products to ensure that they perform as well as conventional products. The list of ingredients can be found in the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard and Criteria for Safer Chemical Ingredients.

Is EPA Safer Choice regulated?

Yes. The EPA conducts internal processes, including audits, to determine thresholds companies must meet. These audits include an on-site audit, a desk audit, and an annual renewal audit. Rest assured that the EPA is auditing these products up the wazz to ensure these high standards are met. 

How does EPA Safer Choice certification work?

To earn an EPA Safer Choice certification, companies can voluntarily submit to the assessment. The assessment includes an investigation into product performance (against other, conventional product standards), pH, packaging, and other criteria. Manufacturers have to disclose all ingredients. If even just one ingredient doesn’t meet these standards, the manufacturer is allowed to change the formula and go through the audit process again to meet compliance requirements. 

What kind of products have the EPA Safer Choice label?

You can use the EPA’s tool to search for products that meet this standard! You can also check out our Wise Guides that talk about some other products that have this certification, including:

So… is a company “good” if it has an EPA Safer Choice label?

Well… maybe. When it comes to environmental and human health, the EPA Safer Choice label does conduct a rigorous assessment to make sure products don’t contain ingredients that can cause human and planetary harm. However, while it does look into packaging in addition to ingredients, the EPA Safer Choice label doesn’t address human rights along the supply chain, labor practices, or sourcing concerns like deforestation and biodiversity. Heck, one certification can’t do it all! 

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